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7 Best Practices to Prevent a Malware Attack

And it’s not slowing down; rather, over 270,000 different malware variants were identified in 2022,...

Trojan Malware: Identifying and Preventing a Trojan Horse Attack

Coming in a variety of attacks, this subtle yet effective code works like its namesake—the Trojan...

Is a Virtual CIO the Missing Piece in Your Puzzle? (Hint: Yes!)

So, when an in-person CIO isn’t an option, what can your organization do? Thanks to digital...

Does your company require Multi-Factor Authentication?

What is MFA? Simply put, MFA allows you to present two (or more) pieces of evidence when logging...

Prepare for your HIPAA Risk Assessment

Safeguarding sensitive health information remains a top priority for insurance companies,...

You may have heard of malware. But do you know what it really is?

Of course, Copy Systems is happy to discuss your specific security needs and explore services that...

Three Steps to Stop Cyber Attacks: Prevention, Detection and Reaction

With each step comes different responsibilities and work requirements, and to really get into the...

10 Sickening Healthcare Ransomware Statistics

Why are healthcare organizations so prone to ransomware and other various cyber attacks? There are...

12 Terrifying Ransomware Statistics for 2019

It only takes the click or tap of a button for people to pay for anything online, anywhere in the...

Reducing the Risk of Corporate Threats

Certain situations could lead to a prodigious loss of revenue, so staying prepared is pivotal.

Four Things Small Healthcare Practices Need to Know About HIPAA

HIPAA is a way of protecting an individual’s medical records, and it has important stipulations...

"We have been working with Copy Systems on our device management for many years and they consistently deliver on their promise. They help to proactively manage the printers/copiers/fax machines on our network and their service is both fast and effective. I highly recommend Copy Systems and their team in Coralville."

Thomas Balmer
PSC Distribution & Studio H2O

"Buyers Realty has worked with Copy Systems for several years and we couldn't be happier. Ryan is very knowledgeable about their products and has been great to work with when our office has needed equipment upgrades. Their service department is top notch...if they can't help us troubleshoot over the phone they have a service tech out to our office within hours to get us back up and running."

Jamie Horton
Buyers Realty

"Customer service from Michael was outstanding. My computer somehow lost connection to the printer. He helped me troubleshoot via email and when that wasn't working he spoke with me on the phone, walked me through how to allow him access remotely and fixed it right away. It was just one little setting, but he was so kind and patient and I was up and running in no time. Highly recommend Copy Systems for good products and great customer service!"

Stacy Dullard
Ronald McDonald House

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