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What Is a vCIO, and Do You Need One?

As time goes on, the need to keep up with technological advances increases. Those that work within a small or medium-sized business (SMB) may be feeling the struggle to stay ahead of their competitors, causing them to look for a way to ease that tension as financially feasible and securely as possible.

Many bigger companies have a Chief Information Officer (CIO) and/or a large IT Department to help keep up with trends and to make sure their infrastructure is kept safe and stable. However, that may be difficult for an SMB to obtain. 

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The Top Benefits of Document Management Workflow

1. Get Rid of the Inefficiencies of Paper Documents

Switching from paper to digital documents, not only gets rid of the inefficiencies associated with paper documents, but also helps save additional operating costs like maintenance, printing, filing, and storing paper. Seeing how the average office spends about $25,000 to fill a four-drawer file cabinet and $2,000 annually to maintain it, digital documents seem like a bargain.

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